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Privacy International: Transferring Privacy: The Transfer of Passenger Records and the Abdication of Privacy Protection (Feb 2004)
The U.S. demand for data on European airline passengers and how it violates Europeans' privacy -- and its data protection laws. Includes a "perspective from America" by the ACLU.

Statewatch Analysis: Killing me softly? "Improving access to durable solutions": doublespeak and the dismantling of refugee protection in the EU
EU proposals would roll back asylum protections for immigrants -- while pretending to do the opposite.

ACLU: The surveillance-industrial complex (Aug 2004)
The US government's effort to enlist financial sector and other private companies in carrying out wholesale surveillance.

ACLU: Naked Data - how the US ignored international concerns and pushed for radio passports without security (Nov 2004)
U.S. State Department documents obtained by the ACLU show how the United States insisted upon an international standard for new "global, interoperative" passports including unsecured RFIDs.

Statewatch: The exceptional and draconian become the norm: the emerging counter-terrorism regime (March 2005)
A new counter-terrorism regime being planned by G8 and EU, including "Special investigative techniques," "Intelligence information" surveillance products, and "preparatory offences" intended to criminalise people prior to a terrorist act being committed. The report pinpoints the role played by the USA and the UK in shaping the outcomes.