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EU Advised to End Airline Data Deal (11/21/05)

A top EU legal expert has advised termination of a controversial deal between  the US and the EU, which allowed for the exchange of passnger lists in the interests of combating terrorism. The advocate-general of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), Philippe Leger, advises that the EU's jurisdiction does not extend to matters of national security of the member states - of which counter-terrorism is a component. 

Mr. Leger dismissed arguments that the deal violates the privacy of passengers, which would consequently alllow individual governments to maintain the exchange of information with the US if they so wished. The ECJ  ruling is expected shortly. 

The agreement  was also used by the EU as the basis for an European wide system of surveillance. More information on this issue can be accessed on the Policy Laundering Project's EU page.

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Press Release from the European Court of Justice - 22nd November 2005