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Organization of American States

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The Organisation of American States unites thirty five member states ranging geographically from Canada to Chile. The foundations of the Organisation are provided by the OAS Charter, drafted in 1948 with the aim of achieving peace, justice and solidarity in the region. The OAS is a regional agency of the United Nations and additionally provides a role for many third countries via a 'permanent observer' status.

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Policy Laundering Issues at OAS

In recent years, the OAS has focused on the development of a culture of cybersecurity and has collated members of the telecommunications industry, representatives of the Committee against Terrorsim and legal representatives to co-ordinate and develop ideas. Adherence to the EU Cyber Crime Convention, which enhances governmental control of the internet, is being advocated, particularly by the United States. 

Mutual Legal Assistance is additionally a highly popular OAS theme. Accordingly a broad reaching convention and many resolutions and declarations advocating undefined 'information exchange'  on matters relating to terrorism and security substantiate this issue.



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