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African Union

(formerly Organization of African Unity)

About the African Union

The African Union (AU) emerged in 2002 from the former Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which was established in 1963 to promote the solidarity of the African States, eradicate colonialism and aid independence movements.


The Algiers Convention

The Algiers Convention, also known as the "OAU Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism," entered into force in December 2002 and has now been ratified by 36 states.

The Convention is relatively brief and directly affects only one policy laundering issue - that of security and legal co-operation - in two ways.

Primarily, part IV is concerned with extradition.

  • Article 8 mandates member states to comply with extradition requests and accordingly states undertake to extradite any person charged with or convicted of any terrorist act.
  • Article 10 allows for extradition requests to be effected through diplomatic channels or other appropriate organs in the relevant states.

Secondly, part V deals with extra-territorial investigations and mutual legal assistance.

  • Article 14 requires states to comply with the requests of other member states to initiate criminal investigations in relation to allegations of committing terrorist acts.
  • Article 17 requires states to extend to each other the best possible mutual police and judicial assistance for any investigation, criminal prosecution or extradition proceedings' relating to terrorist acts.