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Association of South East Asian Nations


The Association of South East Asian States has been established for nearly forty years and constitutes a coalition of ten member states. The initial aim of the organisation was to boost economic growth and social progress and to promote regional peace. The development of relations with third countries and other IGOs has coincided more recently with an expansion of the ASEAN’s ambit.

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Policy Laundering Issues at ASEAN

In relation to identity documents, the potential incorporation of biometrics has been recently discussed in order to assist in combating terrorism. It is interesting to note however the discussions were not initiated by the core of ten ASEAN states alone, but rather during the ASEAN regional forum - which includes the ten ASEAN member states and several external and influential participant countries too. 

In addition,  the theme of law enforcement cooperation has been reinforced for several years and facilitates 'information exchange' on all matters relating to terrorism and transnational crime by several authorities, including the police and the army. This has been supported by the recently ratified Treaty of Mutual Legal Assistance which enshrines this largely undefined and therefore unregulated practice.

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